Pak women never compromise on attire shopping during Eidul Azha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ISLAMABAD - As Muslims everywhere make arrangements for sacrificial animals to celebrate Eidul Azha, which is a “meaty festival”, women in Pakistan are also busy shopping for clothes and shoes.

The women can be seen in the markets doing their last round of shopping, buying readymade dresses, shoes, bangles and henna, items without which the auspicious festival of Eidul Azha is considered to be incomplete.

Stalls selling bangles and henna were seen in various parts of twin cities, which attracted the attention of girls and women keen to buy trendy and matching bangles to go with their Eid dresses.

“We cannot even think of celebrating Eid without bangles. The colourful bangles are one of the most important items on Eid and a must for all girls,” the News quoted Shaista Ahsan as saying.

There were stalls offering ‘mehndi’ in packs, and along with them services to apply it for a price of 100 rupees and 500 rupees per hand.

“It is good that we don’t have to visit beauty parlours and wait for our turns to get ‘mehndi’ applied on our hands,” Saima Aftab said.

“These on-the-spot services have proved to be a big relief for us as it saves considerable time and money too,” she added.

The most sought after were boys who applied ‘mehndi’ with syringes at Commercial Market. Surrounded by dozens of girls, these boys applied intricate patterns on hands of girls and women.

And the most visited shops on the last day were of tailors where girls and women went to get their stitched suits back.

Decorating their dresses with dazzling laces and tussles was also the eleventh hour job for girls and women. Many girls opted for various designs of ‘pico’ to decorate their ‘dupattas’.

“It’s cheap and it’s quick - the ‘pico’ shops at every nook and corner has made our task of embellishing ‘dupatta’ quite easy,” Farhana Azam said. (ANI)

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