How Kate Middleton’s in-laws-to-be reacted to engagement announcement

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LONDON - Prince William’s fiancee Kate Middleton was given a taste of the future after her in-laws-to-be reacted with typically idiosyncratic humour to the engagement news.

Prince Charles reflected the view of many Britons when he congratulated the couple, who dated for eight years, with the observation: “They have been practising long enough,” reports the Daily Mail.

Charles, who married Camilla 30 years after their romance began, beamed as he said he was ‘thrilled’ at the news.

“It makes me feel very old. Thank you very much,” the 62-year-old prince told a member of the public who congratulated him.

“It is brilliant news. It has taken them a very long time,” the Queen said at a Windsor Castle reception for leaders of British overseas territories.

Meanwhile the Duchess of Cornwall used teenage slang when she described the news of the engagement as ‘wicked’.It’s brilliant, isn’t it? It’s absolutely wonderful. It’s the most brilliant news. I’m just so happy and so are they. It’s wicked,” said Camilla, who was presenting the Wicked Young Writers’ Award at the Apollo theatre in Victoria, central London.

Prince Harry, who is on flying training in Hampshire, said he was ‘delighted’ his brother had ‘popped the question’, adding: ‘It means I get a sister which I have always wanted.’

William’s aunt the Countess of Wessex, a fellow ‘commoner’ who is now a favourite of the Queen, voiced the Royal Family’s jubilation with warm congratulations.

“I am absolutely delighted and pleased. It’s so exciting. I should think she’s probably on Cloud Nine. I’m very, very happy for both of them and wish them every bit of luck and love in the world,” said Sophie.

Kate is said to get on well with Prince Charles after impressing him with her love of the outdoors and the country pursuits synonymous with life in the Royal Family.

From a prim and proper student at St Andrews University concerned primarily with keeping fit and staying slim without getting her hands dirty, she has developed a more tomboyish side which sees her happily don deerstalker hats, gilet and wellingtons for walks in the Highlands.

She has been trained to shoot grouse and pheasant, and to stalk deer. And she has even encouraged her parents to do the same.

Camilla, who is known to be one of the warmest members of the Royal Family, is said to have bonded with her as a fellow ‘newcomer’.

The Queen was initially frosty towards Kate, privately saying she should be seen to have a ‘proper’ job.

But the Queen has now been convinced that she will take on official duties with gusto. (ANI)

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