Noida’s siblings return Rs.15,000 to shopkeeper

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LUCKNOW - Three siblings who live in Noida returned a shopkeeper in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district his box with Rs.15,000 which was mistakenly given to them by his nephew.

Samar Rizvi, Sumbul Rizvi and Tah Hussain Rizvi Thursday night purchased a clay pot for Rs.30 from shopkeeper Ikram’s stall at a fair at the Gandhi Maidan in Kotwali area.

Ikram was not at the stall at that time. His teenaged nephew Fazil mistakenly packed his uncle’s cardboard box containing the cash instead of the pot and gave it to the children.

“I was quite depressed when I learnt about Fazil’s mistake. I could not even sleep that night,” Ikram told reporters Saturday in Badaun, some 250 km from here. “Frankly, I had no hope that I would get back my cash.”

But he was in for a pleasant surprise the very next day.

“Hardly 20 minutes after I reached the stall, the three kids approached me. Before I could say anything, the two girls and a boy, aged between 10-15 years, kept my cash box on a table at my stall.

“They told me they were from Noida (near Delhi) and were visiting their uncle in Badaun,” he said.

“I could not control myself. Tears came in my eyes. I thanked the three angels. They promised to again visit my shop to make more purchases.”

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