Musharraf refutes allegations about Pak intelligence service’s support to Taliban

Saturday, November 13, 2010

WASHINGTON - Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf has rejected the allegations that parts of Pakistan’s intelligence service- the Inter-Services Intelligence- supported the Taliban over the years, saying that such accusations were unhelpful in the fight against militants.

“Accusations against the ISI and the Army” do not help much,” Musharraf said in an interview on National Public Radio, while replying to a question whether the U.S. had “on balance been helpful to Pakistan in recent years.”

It is “absolutely wrong” to say that the ISI is still connected to the Taliban, he insisted, adding, “The proof of it I can give is that the Army has suffered over 2,500 dead by al-Qaida and Taliban.”

Musharraf continued, “Al-Qaida and Taliban are attacking the Army and you are saying that they are colluding with al-Qaida or Taliban. ISI offices have been attacked through bomb blasts and suicide bombers all over the country. Almost 300 people have died, but yet you are saying that ISI is colluding with those people who are attacking them.”

When asked what it would be that Musharraf would tell the US to stop doing if he were to return to a position of power in Pakistan, the former president zeroed in on the use of missiles fired from US drones to hit suspected terrorists in his country.

They are a violation of Pakistani sovereignty and have caused too many civilian deaths, he said, adding, “My suggestion has always been, give the drones to Pakistan.” (ANI)

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