Given a chance, ‘every man would enjoy sex with another woman’

Sunday, November 7, 2010

LONDON - Men would never give up a chance to have sex with another woman apart from their girlfriends or wives if they believed there would be no consequences, says renowned novelist and screenwriter William Nicholson.

Men desire and enjoy sex in and for itself, without any other emotional connection and they want it without strings. Just a bit of fun, and then back to work.

“But they shouldn’t!’ (Forgive me if I put words into your mouth, it’s the writer in me imagining your response.) ‘It’s wrong, selfish, hurtful. You may want it, but tough. You’ve made a commitment. Live up to it. Be faithful to your wife.’ And maybe you add under your breath, ‘I’m glad I’m not your wife.

I’m glad I’ve got a decent husband,’” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

Nicholson has been married for 22 years and hasn’t cheated on his wife, as he says, but still has fantasies go for it.

“I’m the same as any other man. I, too, like any husband, would enjoy making love with another woman, if there were no consequences. I don’t do it, because there are consequences,” he said.

For a man, the act of sex happens outside himself. It’s something he throws away. It has no long-term consequences. So he can have his fling and still love you, unlikely though that may seem.

He can have sex with another woman and not love her at all. If you can deal with it, this could be your chance to make a far more powerful marriage, based on the truths you hadn’t dared tell each other before.

However, Nicholson also believes that sex with an unknown person, which looks thrilling from outside, is simply not as good as sex with someone you know well.

He concluded that sex is different for men and women. While women look for trust and long-term relation after getting physically indulged, men can have it at ease with someone else. (ANI)

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