Tablecloth that reveals pretty patterns after spilling wine

Friday, October 29, 2010

LONDON - Spilling wine on a tablecloth would generally invite disapproving looks or stares, but not with a new kind of tablecloth that transforms any spill into pretty patterns.

Called In Vino Veritas, this white tablecloth resembles any other piece of cloth, but once anyone spills red wine on it, different patterns appear, revealing an intricate damask design, for instance, or a modern star pattern.

And the patterns appear only after something is spilt on it.

The only drawback, if any, is that to return it to the pristine white state, you need to give it a cold wash with 1kg of salt, a substantial volume of salt.

The department store said that it was confident the cloth would sell well because other formal dining accessories had taken off, with a sales increase of 20 per cent for items such as napkin rings, table cloths and place name holders.

“The days of the ultimate dinner party faux pas are over. The new In Vino Veritas tablecloth means that spilling a glass of red wine can be an artistic event rather than the cause of red faces,” The Telegraph quoted Louise Sellwood, the cookshop and dining buying manager at Selfridges, as saying.

“However whilst the occasional spill will be entertaining, we do hope that the Chateau Petrus won’t be splashed around willy nilly,” she added. (ANI)

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