Pest attack affects Siliguri’s tea production

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SILIGURI - The tea growers of West Bengal’s Siliguri District have incurred huge losses in the current year due to pest attack and heavy downpour.

In comparison to last year’s annual production, over 20 percent of losses have been incurred this year.

North Bengal Small Tea Association Secretary Nitai Majumder said the lupar caterpillar and haelophelitis majorly affect crops.

“This year production is running behind by 20 percent from the last year. Its main reason is the pest, the insect Lupar Caterpillar is the most dangerous insect and is not even cured by medicines,” said Majumder.

In a bid to protect the crops, the Siliguri Tea Association is seeking help from the State Government.

They have also raised demand to educate the villagers so that they can keep their tea plants protected.

“This time we want Tea Research Association (TRA), Tea board, the State Government, everybody including small tea growers to organise seminars and workshops. They should go from village to village. Educate villagers who have done the plantation about how to maintain their crops and come out of this problem,” said Majumder. by Tarak Sarkar (ANI)

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