Oz women don’t get enough ‘me time’ as men

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MELBOURNE - A new survey has indicated that almost two thirds (62 pc) of Aussie women feel they don’t get enough ‘me time’ with over half (55 pc) saying they put the needs of others first before setting aside time for themselves, compared to 39 pc of men.

Not only that, when it comes to self-indulgence, Aussie men are also more likely to spend more on treats for themselves. On an average, men spend 35 dollars a week on treats while women spend almost a third less (27 dollars) - despite the fact that more than one in five women said shopping provided them with a way of winding down out of the house, reports the Daily Telegraph.

But it wasn’t all bad for the guys - when asked what brings them the most pleasure in life, one third said their partner.

Being too busy was overwhelmingly viewed as the main reason Aussie women don’t get enough me-time, while one in five said they were always looking after the kids. Meanwhile for men, only 3 pc blamed their children for a lack of relaxation time, while 22 pc said they were always working.

Over half (59 pc) said they’d rather chill out on their own, with nearly two thirds of women (62 pc) saying they prefer to be alone when they do get the chance to spoil themselves.

And it came as no surprise that many Australians cite the shower as one of the most decadent experiences of the day with one in three saying it gives them the chance to relax and unwind.

Popular ways to wind down outside the home included going for a walk (25 pc) and going out for dinner (17 pc), while top answers for relaxing at home were watching TV (37 pc), reading a book or magazine and surfing the internet (17 pc).

The study commissioned by Palmolive Naturals Nutra-Fruit shower gel, aimed to uncover the ways in which modern day Aussies relax and take time out. (ANI)

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