Employees prefer sex to LinkedIn to get ahead at work: Study

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WASHINGTON - A new US poll has suggested that employees prefer using sex to get ahead at work than connecting to a boss on the business networking website LinkedIn.

Adecco Staffing U.S. commissioned a survey of 1,000 American workers.

It reported that six percent said they have connected to their bosses on Linkedin-compared to the nine percent who would consider an office fling to advance their careers.

“That’s probably in violation of every sophisticated company’s human resources policy,” ABC News quoted Jay Weiss, of the consulting firm JGI, as saying.

“It’s a disappointing result that more people think that is the way to get ahead than legit means, said Weiss.

In the poll, nine percent ‘completely agreed’ and 7 percent ’somewhat agreed’ with a question asking whether they would consider having a fling to get ahead at the job-three percent more than the number who said they friended the boss on Facebook.

Eighty-two percent said they have not connected to their bosses on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Foursquare.

If the boss asked to befriend an employee online, 34 percent of women vs. 24 percent of men felt pressure to accept the invitation. More women than men adjusted their online privacy settings.

The survey found most employees thought their bosses were lacking when it came to vision. Tied with a democratic leadership style, a visionary was the preferred coaching style of those that participated in the study. Bosses came up short by 8 percent as visionary.

However, only one in three employees said they would like to take on the boss’s job. (ANI)

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