Texas school backs off allegations that mom threatened 7th grade volleyball team with gun

By Paul J. Weber, AP
Friday, September 10, 2010

Texas mom says she waved finger, not gun, at team

SAN ANTONIO — A Texas mother who witnesses said pulled a gun on a seventh-grade volleyball team says she merely waved her finger and never threatened the players.

A Judson school district spokesman said Friday that the woman told authorities her version of what happened after Thursday night’s game.

Spokesman James Keith also said “inconsistencies are starting to pop up” after police re-interviewed witnesses who first alleged that the woman threatened the students with a gun after they soundly beat her daughter’s team.

Keith said no gun was found after a search of the woman’s home. He said she’ll likely face no criminal charges but is barred from the school for a year.

The Judson school district is in northeast San Antonio.

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