Bashing up of Dunedin cabbie sparks off fears of more attacks on drivers

Monday, July 26, 2010

DUNEDIN - The recent killing of Indian origin taxi driver Hiren Mohini has spawned fears within the cabbie community of serious assault and copy-cat crimes that could put more of them into hospital.

Though New Zealand’s cabbies are being fitted with protective shields, concerns about cabbie safety still abound after a Dunedin driver was bashed and robbed on Saturday night after getting his fare.

The City Cabs driver spent the night in Dunedin Hospital after he was assaulted by one of the two passengers at about 11.20 p.m., the New Zealand Herald and the Otago Daily Times reports.

Detective Sergeant Chris Henderson said one of the passengers, a “thin, stringy” European man, got out of the back seat when the vehicle stopped.

The woman in the front passenger seat then turned on the driver, punching him in the head and taking his fare money. She fled across the Dunedin Rugby Club’s playing fields.

The driver called for help and was taken by ambulance to hospital, where he remained overnight.

The driver has declined requests for an interview and City Taxis manager Frank Wilks did not return calls. (ANI)

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