Lunar Eclipse To Appear “Magnified”

By Ipsit, Gaea News Network
Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

LOS ANGELES ( American skies shall witness a partial lunar eclipse on Saturday as the moon crosses the earth’s shadow. The lunar eclipse shall appear as magnified in America owing to a phenomenon called “moon illusion”.

The lunar eclipse shall begin at 10:17 GMT as the moon crosses the shadow of earth and enter it’s horizon. Owing to the timing of the lunar eclipse, the phenomenon shall not be visible from the European nations. In several parts of America and Canada, the lunar eclipse of Saturday shall appear as magnified due to its proximity to the horizon. The lunar eclipse would be also partially viewed from the eastern part of Asia, Antarctica and Australia and from other parts of Pacific Ocean and the surrounding areas. This partial lunar eclipse is a preview of the actual lunar eclipse which is scheduled to hit the American skies in the month of December. As a matter of fact, the actual lunar eclipse shall be predominantly visible from North America.

The umbral shadow of earth shall fall on the moon that shall cast the eclipse in a partial manner. Indian skygazers will be a little disappointed as the moon shall appear on the Indian sky quite late due to the time differences. However, the concluding phase of the lunar eclipse shall be visible from north eastern parts of Assam when the moon shines high in the eastern horizon. The lunar eclipse happens to be the penumbral eclipse which shall have the moon partially shadowed and partially lighted as it enters the shadow of the earth. This lunar eclipse shall be of a longer duration than an ordinary lunar eclipse.

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