Desert car rally organized in barren wastes of Kutch

Monday, December 28, 2009

KUTCH - At least 42 car racers zoomed across semi-arid grasslands in Kutch district of Gujarat during the Adani Desert Car Rally.

Organized by the Kutch Infrastructure Development Society (KIDS) and supported by the Western India Automobile Association (WIAA), the event was aimed at promoting tourism and adventure sports in the district.

According to the organizers, the rally would put the district of Kutch on the international map of tourism.

“The main aim of this event was to promote tourism and adventure sports in Kutch. By organizing these types of events, tourists come to watch and participate in large numbers. Around 42 people participated in this event alone,” said Ajay Gadhvi, President of Kutch Infrastructure Development Society.

He added that the event is becoming bigger every year, and there is a possibility of it going international in the future, as no other place on earth provides so much sprawling, obstruction-free terrain as Kutch.

The rally attracted numerous of participants from various parts of the country.

The winner of the rally, Jaydev Ayanchi, hoped that more people take part in the event next year.

“Earlier, there used to be a race but now the organizers have organized a rally, which is a good effort to promote adventure sports in this region. We also came to know a little about the rallies; otherwise we only participated in races,” said Ayanchi.

The rally was flagged off from Vakariya, where Banni region begins. The cars criss-crossed the 270-kilometre stretch, constructed specially for the rally. (ANI)

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