US man ‘rapes toddler at SeaWorld, saves crime pics on his phone’

Sunday, February 27, 2011

NEW YORK - A man in US reportedly raped a toddler at SeaWorld and saved pictures of the horrific crime on his cell phone, according to police.ichael Grzybowicz, of Cocoa Beach Fla., has been held without bail in the Brevard County Jail since Saturday, reports the New York Daily News.

The 26-year-old allegedly molested the 2-year-old girl Feb. 17 while her parents were on a ride.

He had gone to the Orlando amusement park with the family, and the little girl’s mother had asked him to watch the child, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

It is not clear how the parents know Grzybowicz.

The crime was discovered after photographs of the alleged rape were found on the suspect’s phone. He had e-mailed the photos to his personal Yahoo account.

The four photographs found on the phone clearly show the violation of the little girl, who was wearing diaper and a yellow sun dress while riding in a stroller, according to records.

Grzybowicz, a cook at a restaurant in Melbourne, told investigators he didn’t know how the photos got onto his cell phone, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The girl’s mother told authorities she had left her daughter alone with Grzybowicz for about 10 minutes while she and her boyfriend went on an amusement ride.

Grzybowicz has been jailed since Saturday on charges of possessing child pornography. (ANI)

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