Indian voluntary organizations in UAE to be regularized

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DUBAI - Operations of 60 Indian social and voluntary organizations in the United Arab Emirates will be recognized as entities in their own right.

Under the unique outreach program various social, cultural and voluntary organizations affiliated to the Indian Community Welfare Committee (ICWC) under the Indian Consulate in Dubai can register with the Social Regulatory and Licensing Department of the Community Development Authority (CDA).

The purpose is to promote the Indian diaspora. The Indian organizations are first to get the recognition, the Gulf News reported.

CDA Director-General Khalid Al Kamda said: “We have started with the Indian community not only because it is the largest but also because of its huge contribution to the development of Dubai,”

Many organizations have appreciated the move. “We can now legally work as social workers,” said Abdul Naser of the Kerala Youth Cultural Club (KYCC), which focuses on the welfare of Indian prisoners in UAE jails.

“Our services will get a boost as access to jails and police stations will be easier.” He added.

The program aims to initiate exchange of ideas and knowledge with community groups and encourage them to benefit from CDA’s resources, said Dr Omar Al Muthanna, CEO, Social Regulatory and Licensing Department. (ANI)

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