Horndog High teachers accused of lesbian sex romp sue NYC for $2m

Thursday, February 24, 2011

NEW YORK - The two teachers, who were sacked after an alleged lesbian sex romp in a Brooklyn classroom, have decided to sue New York City for 2 million dollars for slandering their names.

French teacher Cindy Mauro, 34, and Spanish instructor Alini Brito, 30, were allegedly caught in a compromising position last year at James Madison High School.

The Department of Education last month fired Brito and Mauro, following a state arbitrator’s report that said they engaged in a topless tryst at the school after ducking out of a student song-and-dance show.

A two-page summons with notice, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, says the two romance language teachers are victims of “wrongful termination, libel and slander”.

“They’ve had to deal with these false allegations of engaging in lesbian sex. It’s been painful,” the New York Daily News quoted Michael Valentine, a lawyer for the two, as saying.

“Aside from losing their jobs, their reputations have been ruined,” he said.

Brito and Mauro, who have previously filed suit in an attempt to overturn their firings, got yanked from their teaching jobs in November 2009 after a janitor reported barging in on their steamy session in Room 337.

But the formerly tenured teachers contend the janitor simply let his imagination get very overheated.

“He just assumed it was two women having sex. Then he went and told everybody he could tell,” Valentine said of Altman Schochet.

Brito, who has diabetes, defended herself against the sizzling allegations by saying Mauro was giving her candy and sugar to help treat her medical condition.

But a state arbitrator’s report countered that the sexy Spanish teacher was topless while a naked Mauro kneeled between her legs.

“There wasn’t one person who testified seeing either one of them involved in a sexual act,” Valentine added. (ANI)

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