Dangerous driving tops list of ’sins of commuting’ in Malaysia

Thursday, February 24, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR - A survey has revealed the seven sins of commuting that causes high stress levels among Malaysian commuters while on their way to work.

According to a survey done by Regus, an international workspace solutions provider, bad or dangerous driving by other road users topped the list of sins.

Road rage, loud mobile phone conversations and foul smells also figured as major commuting stress factors.

Other sins were delays and service interruptions, lack of information from service providers, pollution and the heat, reports the Star Online.

The survey noted that in Malaysia, the average one-way commute was 29 minutes while 15 pc of Malaysians had to travel over 45 minutes each way.

“Yet, the time taken to commute is less of an issue than the commuting experience,” said the news release on the survey findings.

The survey was conducted to identify the major causes of commuting stress faced by drivers and users of public transport.

Regus South-East Asia and ANZ vice-president William Willems said in the release that the public could recognise their own worst experiences in the survey findings, adding that road rage and dangerous driving were real concerns for other drivers and pedestrians.

“Being left in the dark about service interruptions or traffic jams is also a killer for a calm and productive working day.

“Some mobile phone users do not realise or care that they are ruining many people’s day right from the start,” Willems added. (ANI)

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