Demand for adult services in Oz soars a day after Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MELBOURNE - A day after Valentine’s Day, the search for affection of a different kind is hitting its zenith in Australia - demand for adult services.

February traditionally sees an increase in searches for romance-related services including florists, but it is on February 15 that the hunt for escort agencies and dating services really peaks, reports

“While we always expect to see an increase in searches and reviews of restaurants and florists around this time of year, we hadn’t anticipated the demand for adult services,” said John Allan, the chief executive of

Last February there was a 73 percent increase in people searching for local escort agencies, and 15 percent more searches for adult services.

Robbie Swan, co-ordinator for the Eros Association and registered officer for the Australian Sex Party, said the figures suggest a ‘commercial lonely hearts club’.e attributed the February 15 peak to ‘an element of people feeling left out’.

“They’ve seen others having a Valentine, and they don’t have one themselves so they’ll go out and buy it as a one-off treat. I think that’s a positive thing,” he said.

This time, the research suggested New South Wales residents are the antsiest, registering 28 percent more searches for adult and escort services than the runner-up Victoria.

Western Australia are still clinging to romance, and prefer sending flowers, but South Australians are n0t interested in that at all - their searches for adult services far outweigh those for florists. (ANI)

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