Person displaced by fencing in Tripura launch indefinite hunger strike

Thursday, February 3, 2011

TRIPURA - Hundreds of internally displaced persons in Tripura launched an indefinite hunger strike to put pressure on the state government to implement their 19-point demands.

The people were displaced due to the erection of barbed wire fencing along the Indo-Bangladesh border.

“Due to this barbed wire fencing there are some 8, 500 families who have lost their land, farms, ponds, temple, mosques etc. Their entire belongings have gone to the other part of the barbed fence,” said Subal Bhowmick, president of Simanta Bhumi Suraksha Committee.

Shah Alam, one of the protestors said that the displaced families have several times placed their demands before the government but there has been no response from the government.

“From time to time we have reminded the state government, even last year we placed our demand for the 11th time before the general secretary. But we haven’t got any reply from their side, so we are gearing up to declare a war against the government. Hence, we have called this hunger strike and on February 14, we would launch a massive protest against the government,” stated Alam.

The protestors want a written assurance from the government on resettlement or else they will continue the hunger strike.

The major demands include publication of names of the 8,500 families, fencing along zero-Point to save the Indian soil, government employment for each affected family and allotment of alternative land for them.

Tripura shares 856 km long border with Bangladesh of which 675 km had been fenced to put a check on illegal migrants. (ANI)

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