Indian businessman asks Dubai police to reopen theft case

Thursday, February 3, 2011

DUBAI - Dubai based India businessman R. Wadia, who lost jewellery worth 80,000 dirhams, is desperate to get the theft case reopened after it was closed for lack of evidence.

Wadia told XPRESS that his three-bedroom apartment in Mankhool was burgled when he was holidaying with his wife and three children in Goa last August.

“I received a call from the Al Rafa Police Station when I was in Goa telling me about the theft on August 26,” he said, adding that he had rushed back the same night.

Wadia said the building security had informed the police about the theft after the foreman, who was given a key to the apartment’s main door to water the plants in the balcony, had noticed its broken cylinder lock.

The thieves had also broken the lock of the master bedroom where the jewellery was kept, Gulf News reports.

A few days later, the police informed Wadia that four people - three Armenian women and a man - had been arrested in connection with the theft and summoned him to identify jewellery that had been recovered.

Wadia said none of the recovered jewellery belonged to them, and added that he had given the police a detailed list of the gold and diamond jewellery items, backed with invoices and photographs.

He said the Public Prosecution, which had been investigating the case, made a series of observations over the next three months, at the end of which he was informed that there was no evidence against the arrested who have since been released.

“We are confused. What do we do now? If the Armenians are not the culprits, does it mean we are still surrounded by those who robbed our place? If they are roaming free, would they not be posing a threat to the community?” he asked. (ANI)

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