Ten workers injured in Gujarat chemical factory blast

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

VAPI - At least ten workers were injured in a blast that took place inside a chemical factory here on Wednesday morning.

The reason behind the blast is believed to be increase in the temperature of the chemical reactor.

G. S. Raol, a police inspector, said three people were seriously injured in the blast.

“In Vapi Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation area, there is a company named Arsen Crop Care, which makes chemicals. A blast occurred in the factory between 5.30-6.00 a.m. in which 10 people were injured,” said Raol.

“Three people are seriously injured and others have minor injuries. Six people were working inside the factory at that time,” he added.

Praveen Joshi, a fire official, said the intensity of the blast was very high, as it damaged the property in a three-kilometer-radius.

“Our browser is damaged badly and four to five fire officials have suffered major injuries. Even doors of our fire staff residences are broken. Five to six labourers, who used to work and live in the factory, were injured,” said Joshi.

“One motorbike commuter was also injured in the incident. The blast could be a result of leakage, but leakage of which substance took place is as yet unknown,” he added. (ANI)

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