Supermodel claims Prince Charles asked her for ‘private catwalk show’

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LONDON - In an autobiography, a supermodel has claimed that Prince Charles flirted with her before asking her to perform a ‘private catwalk show’ for him.

Mozambique-born Tasha de Vasconcelos has alleged that Charles propositioned her under the nose of Camilla Parker Bowles at an exclusive party, reports the Daily Mail.

In the autobiography to be published this week, the 42-year-old model and actress claimed to have shared a series of amorous exchanges with the 62-years-old Prince of Wales.

She said they began with a “clumsy” chat-up line and “seductive smile” from the heir to the throne in 1999, but soon accelerated.

The model said he approached her again at a soiree in Syon House, the Duke of Northumberland’s West London home.

In claims that seem far-fetched, and language reminiscent of a Mills and Boon novel, Miss de Vasconcelos claims: “During the evening, I saw his eyes glance over my necklace, which lit up my face, and to the more intimate attractions of the curves beneath my Versace dress.

The Prince had become a man. “You are magnificent,” he dared to utter.

“Would you ever consider a private catwalk show… just for me?”‘

The model said she turned down the request as she was “disconcerted by all the other diamond-encrusted women listening in around us” and “had read that the great love of his life was called Camilla”.

Camilla - who was to marry the prince five years later, becoming the Duchess of Cornwall - is said to have seen red over the pair’s increasingly close rapport.

When the Prince encountered de Vasconcelos at a Macmillan cancer charity dinner with Camilla, he made a point of praising her dress - made by Princess Diana’s favourite designer Catherine Walker.

“Charles came up to me anyway to tell me how beautiful my dress was. A way of reminding me, I suppose, that he was still interested in what was inside it. Camilla didn’t utter a single word to me for the whole night,” the model added. (ANI)

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