Manipur hosts’ cultural event to promote ‘Tanghkul culture’

Friday, January 7, 2011

IMPHAL - A two-day cultural event was recently organized in a small hamlet in Manipur to promote the ‘Tanghkul culture’ among the youth, who are losing contact with their roots at a very high pace.

Pakshi mini stadium at Dungrei Junction, Hungpung, came alive with hundreds of young Tanghkul performers swaying to folk tunes.

The two-day cultural program themed “Awakening the Past Culture” was held under the aegis of New Vision, THYSO, Hungpung.

“This is a spectacular event. We need to preserve our culture. This is the second time this kind of event has been organized as we need to cherish our culture and today’s program will be a great memory for everyone who is present here,” said Thengminchon, the organizer.undreds of visitors thronged the venue to see local performers from Hungpung perform the traditional Tanghkul war dance.

The enthusiastic participants later took part in traditional Tanghkul games.

The main highlight of the event was the traditional fashion show, where the participants dressed in tribal attire walked the ramp.

The festivities highlighted the vibrancy of the age-old traditions and also helped the youth connect with their culture.

“The program is meant for the awakening of the great Tanghkul culture and we want to remember the customs and its culture. And also the presence of such a large crowd is really encouraging,” said Manchangta, a visitor.

“I have a great attachment with not only the Tanghkul culture but with other cultures of Manipur and we should emphasize on preserving these age-old cultures,” added another visitor Robert Somi. (ANI)

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