WSDOT Traffic Thrown To Unrest

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SEATTLE ( The Washington State Department of Transportation has been thrown into a situation of unrest ever since snowfall hit the eastern part of the state badly. The traffic is going through a tough time as is the WSDOT (Washington State Department Of Transportation).

The first snowfall of this season has occurred and along with that made the conditions of Seattle traffic somewhat like a pandemonium. Apparently the 2-3 inches of snow that hit the city of Seattle on Monday has resulted in an utter confusion and chaos in the city’s traffic conditions. Road blockages were the obvious outcome of this natural phenomena. Ever since the snowfall the city has been experiencing the worst traffic hazard in a long time. Right now it has become very difficult to predict how situations will turn up today since more bad weather fluctuations have been predicted by the city. WSDOT reported that three left lanes facing the north were blocked at Mercer Street due to the excessive traffic congestion. Several buses were stuck in the same spot. The snow filled roads have been posing a severe threat to the Seattle traffic. According to a source, the state transport department is planning to send crews to help clear the highways which have been completely blocked by the snow fall. They are actually shifting the unit from Whatcom County to the Snohomish County.

Another source said that the WSDOT has issued out orders to its crews to work all over the night, to prevent any kind of traffic blockage, and keeping accidents at bay. An official of WSDOT said that they have started working with every possible thing they have ranging from the de-icer, anti-icer, plows, loaders to snow plows. He said that it was their utmost priority to clear the roads before the morning starts.

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