Sonic Boom Shakes Up Seattle

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SEATTLE ( The security of US President Barack Obama is kept stringent at all times and whenever he visits any place for whatever reason the security level in that place is also stepped up. However, this can land the residents and others in trouble at times. The president visited Seattle for two fundraising events yesterday and also interacted with a number of local business owners at the place. However his visit to Seattle made headlines for other reasons as well. The security staff monitoring the airspace of Seattle got alarmed when they found a small private aircraft entered in the safe airspace meant for the president. Within minutes two F15 fighter jet aircrafts were flown in to intercept the airplane that breached the airspace limits. The residents of Seattle got amazed to hear the loud sonic booms that rocked the town for some time.

The sonic booms were mistaken by the residents of Seattle by some kind of explosions. In fact the two F15 jets were flying at supersonic speed ad at such high speed they make supersonic sound booms that resemble the sound of a loud explosion. Some people could not understand what was going on at the place. However, the deafening sound did not last for a long time. The jets flew off the city sky limits since the intruder aircraft also left the place soon enough. They did not intercept or chase the plane as such.

The sonic boom was caused by the two jets that were scrambled said US air force officials. Laura Joseph the lone passenger in the private plane that caused this fiasco said she was unaware of the issue.

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