We need security, says Ruchika Girhotra’s family

Thursday, December 24, 2009

CHANDIGARH - In an interview to a news channel, the family of 14-year old Ruchika Girhotra has said it is apprehensive about its safety as it takes on former Haryana Director General of Police (DGP) SSP Rathore, who molested 14-year-old Ruchika nineteen years ago.

Kavita Girhotra, who is married to Ruchika’s brother Ashu, said her family needs police protection from a man who has powerful political connections.

Kavita added that the family has been deprived of justice for the last 19 years, and the career of Ashu has been affected as the Haryana police framed him in theft cases, he was acquitted after Ruchika’s death.

The family should be compensated for “its loss of honour”, she claimed.

Rathore allegedly molested teenager Ruchika Girhotra, a promising young tennis star in 1990. He was then an Inspector General of Police and the head of the Haryana’s Lawn Tennis Federation.

Teenager Ruchika killed herself three years later by drinking poison.uchika’s family had earlier said that the police constantly harassed them not to file a case against Rathore.

A verdict was finally made on Monday against Rathore, who was handed out a fine of Rs 1000 and a six-month jail term for the crime committed 19 years ago.he Rajya Sahara had also discussed the Ruchika molestation case on December 22.

As per Monday’s report of a news channel, Rathore’s boss had suggested that a police case be filed against him in 1990, but the Chautala government protected Rathore.

Finally in 2000, the CBI took over the case in after a tireless crusade by Ruchika’s childhood friend, Aradhana Parkash and her father. (ANI)

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